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Jul 10, 2018

3-button aux switch suddenly only selects one preset




I’ve been using a DIY 6-button footswitch and has worked really well for a long time until last night.


I was reprogramming the MC6 for a new board and all of a sudden the aux switch only selects one preset per set. Top 3-button selects I and bottom 3-button selects G.


I checked inside the aux switch and everything is fine. I tried of unplugging and plugging the cables multiple times but no luck. I also tried resetting the MC6 but still nothing.


Short of replacing the cable, is this a known issue and is there a known solutions?

Jul 11, 2018

Hi there,


So it was working well before and suddenly it is not? I'm assuming your top row and bottom row switches are connected to both the expression ports respectively.


It is odd that both stopped working together, and that all 3 switches are engaging a single preset. I would suggest trying a new cable and see if that helps.


Is your MC6 the MKI or MKII?

Aug 10, 2018

I had a similar problem with a 3 button aux switch. I found it's an issue with the barrel length of the ¼ inch stereo jack plugs. I made a connecting cable using right-angle pancake jacks to reduce space on my board. If the plug is pushed  in up to its full length in the back of the MC6 it somehow shorts across the ring tip sleeve, the result being all three switches select the same preset. If I pull the plug out slightly until I feel it clicking into place then it works normally again. I fist became aware of it after movement of the board in a carry case caused the jack to be pushed all the way in. Hope this helps.

Sep 10, 2018

i just recently purchased a 6 button aux extension. can i edit the 6 button aux using their software still? is there spaces for G-L?

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