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Oct 27, 2018

Cant clear toggle with latest firmware


Edited: Oct 27, 2018

Im trying to get a Press action to clear all the toggles to clear using the "Set Toggle" type message set to "clear" for all preset letters, but it doesnt work. The screen still shows all previous buttons flashing until I individually select them. What am I doing wrong? Cheers.


using firmware 3.2.1 and windows editor 1.0.3

Oct 27, 2018

Seems its a weird bug - it doesn't work when in editor mode, but starts working once you exit editor mode.

Oct 27, 2018

Hi Mark,


Yes, a lot of functionalities are disabled in editor mode so as to help with programming the device.

Oct 31, 2018

Hello! Thank you for your tutorials and pices of advice, they have greatly helped me set my ML5 and MC6 for the next great gig!

I do have an issue though: I have done all the part with the "Clear Toggle" function to active/deactive presets. I am looking now to make that happen when I change from one presets to another:


for example, I'm on preset A (ML5: A, B, D). I call on preset B pressing on it.

B does active ML5: B, E. At the same time, I want it to deactive B or any other device I would not use anymore on this preset. I find it is easy to set different "off" message for 2 or 3 presets, but for 6 or 12 it's more difficitult. Is there a way to send a "off" message to all unused devices all in one when I change for a new preset??

Nov 24, 2018

Hi all,

same thing to me but it seems to be ok when unplugging midi devices while using the midi editor on a mac, then unplug the editor and plug the midi devices with phantom power midi cable.

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