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Sep 7, 2017

Controlling Logic X


Has anyone used the MC6 to control basic functions like Rec, Stop, Play, etc,,, on Logic X?

I've tried to seach the web but have come up empty.

Jun 24

here also want to know, any one can help? Tks.

Does anyone have an answer for this? Would love some help.

Sep 14Edited: Sep 14

So here's the latest: I have assigned a switch on the MC6 by going into the Logic "Key Commands" tab and hitting "Learn Assignment." The assignment (in SysEx form) shows up on the Key Commands window properly (at least as far as I can tell). Then, in Logic, when I hit the switch, a quick message of " X 1 0 0" appears in the Control Bar Display, to the right, where usually the message "No In" is static. This would seem to say some kind of message is being transmitted properly, However, it seems like that quick message appears no matter which switch I hit on the MC6. Nonetheless, the Transport Controls (Stop/Play) that I have assigned through the Key Commands are not starting and stopping the track. By the way, this same message (X 1 0 0) appears when I hit the space bar, which DOES play the the track.

Is there anyone out there, or at Morningstar, that can tell me what I am missing?

Sep 14

@jeffclemens Key Commands are computer keyboard commands, not Midi commands. Support for keyboard commands for the MC6 would be nice, no not nice, killer, because most computer software can be controlled generically that way. The latest Helix firmware release has support for keyboard commands (HX Stomp isn’t supported - shortage of switches?). If you read the 2.8 release notes it will give you an idea of what can be done.


I’m a dummy when it comes to Logic so take what I say with a grain of salt. My take on Midi controller support in Logic is that they have a set list of controllers they support and that there is no generic way of assigning CCs to functions like start, stop, record, etc. I may be wrong.


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your response. We're all still learning, so I appreciate any feedback. However, Logic definitely has a way for Key Commands to be controlled externally. I found a video for it online, albeit using the the old version of Logic 9 posted many years ago. I followed the directions, and am getting no satisfaction. There is a separate window that you open, select the Key Command you want, and then hit a "Learn Assignment" button on the right. When I press the switch on the MC6, it actually registers a SysEx command that is recorded by the program. But that's where the fun ends, as it doesn't actually cause the track to play or stop. That said, I am totally open to doing this with CC messages as well, if the Key Command doesn't work with the Morningstar for some reason. If anyone out there has done this, or you're reading this and happen to work for Morningstar, love to hear from you. And thanks again, DeSelby.

Sep 14Edited: Sep 14

@jeffclemens you’re right, it can be done in that I managed to get it somewhat working. Here’s what I did.


Set up 3 presets on the MC6 as follows:


FS-A Press CC 10 value 127 channel 1 Label Record

FS-B Press CC 11value 127 channel 1 Label Stop

FS-C Press CC 12 value 127 channel 1 Label Rewind


Connect the MC6 using USB and in Logic select the Logic Pro X menu and within it Key Commands>Edit


Select Global Command Record and then Learn New Assignment

Press FS-A on the MC6


Rinse and Repeat for Global Commands Stop/FS-B and Rewind/FS-C


I said somewhat working because Rewind just steps back a bit instead of all the way which is what I wanted. I’m sure it can be done.


Sep 15Edited: Sep 15

@DeSelby I am having a hard properly expressing my appreciation this morning. I have the pedal working, and the solution was as simple as providing CC numbers, instead of SysEx messages. Thank you so much for being kind enough to take the time to help me, it has literally saved a show for me this upcoming weekend, AND kept me from returning this pedal. Morningstar should send you a commission! I will be sure to pass along the good karma to someone else at my first chance. I wish you all the good will in the world!

Sep 15Edited: Sep 15

I’m glad it is working :) One suggestion I would make to anyone doing this is to take 5 minutes beforehand and map out which commands you want to allocate to which CCs. That way you can use one MC6 preset and just change the CC number as you go through the ‘Learn New Assignment‘ process. Once you’ve done that you are free to use the CCs as you will.


For example I had originally associated the ‘Stop and Go to Beginning‘ command to a CC. But when I started recording and tried it, it didn’t work. I found this counterintuitive but that’s the way it works. But since I had already mapped CCs for Stop and Go to Beginning, I was able to use both commands in a preset and accomplish what I wanted. Mapping the CCs to the Key Commands beforehand just makes the process a lot easier.

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