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Nov 6

MC6 hold function?

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HX Stomp+MC6 user.

I have a switch set to turn on and off the reverse delay and it’s set to 40% mix. I’d like to be able to hold my foot on the same switch and send it to 100% mix while holding and back to 40% mix when released. Doable?

Nov 6Edited: Nov 7

You can do it though it’s a bit convoluted. Note you can’t do this on the HX Stomp short of using 2 switches and I am hard put to imagine you could do it with other midi controllers though you might. The trick is to use Actions that the MC6 will recognize as being independent of one other.


In the example CC#20 is used to turn the Stomp block on and off. And CC#21 is used to control the block’s parameter where the min and max have been set accordingly. It’s also important that Preset Toggle be Off in the MC6 preset as the toggle is being controlled by a Toggle Preset message. Also note the Pos values in the messages.


MSG1 - Action: Release, Type: CC, CC#: 20, CC Value: 127, Channel: 1, Pos: 1

MSG2 - Action: Release, Type: CC, CC#: 20, CC Value: 0, Channel: 1, Pos: 2

MSG3 - Action: Release, Type: Toggle Preset, Pos: Both

MSG4 - Action: Long Press, Type: CC, CC#: 21, CC Value: 127, Channel: 1, Pos: 2

MSG5 - Action: Long Press Release, Type: CC, CC#: 21, CC Value: 0, Channel: 1, Pos: 2

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