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Oct 10

Need help with MIDI setup


Hi all -


My rig in progress is shown in a picture below, along with a diagram. Since this is my first time setting up a MIDI pedalboard, I could use some advice.


My specific concerns are

1. I'm currently planning to use the MIDI Baby as a tap tempo with LED, and that would send MIDI clock through the MC6 to everything else. Is this dumb, considering the BOSS RC-10R is both drum machine and looper? Should that own the tempo?

2. I'm planning to go out of the HX Stomp to the BOSS RC-10R, by using a one control MIDI cable ( and a female MIDI to male TRS cable ( Do I need more than just this cable connection? A "MIDI box"?


If anyone has any thoughts on how to better set this up, it would be much appreciated.




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  • Installed the new firmware cant get midi monitor to work. Im new to all this so be nice. I downloaded and installed the new editor. I see there are 2 source files below the main download. do I need to do something with those?
  • Hi Morningstar ! My 1st post here. I have just ordered a MC6 MK II and I will need to attach a 3 Button Auxiliary Pedal with it. My local music store has one of these Digitech FS3X 3 Button Pedals in store ... my question is:- => will the Digitech FS3X 3 Button Pedal work as an external 3 button auxiliary swtich with the MC6 MK II (?) => if so, do I need to do anything special / different for the MC6 MK II to correclty recognise and use it (?) Thanks, Ben
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