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Jun 26, 2018

Questions before buying MC6 MKII Midi Controller



I need the following questions answered before deciding to buy. I emailed Morningstar last Monday but haven't heard from them.


Can a preset (each switch) of the MC6 MKII Midi Controller do the following?


  1. Merge incoming MIDI and

  2. Send multiple program changes on multiple channels including multiple CC messages, Bank Select 0 or 32

  3. Or can a preset Send SysEx as following F0 26 7C 67 7F F7 00

I read the manual about how to access the hidden 6 additional presets, but I am not clear about how to do it.


Jun 26, 2018

To try and answer...

1. Not sure what this means

2. Definitely. On the mkII you can send up to 16 different midi messages (PC Change, CC change, SYSEX, etc) to all connected devices from a single switch.

3. You can send sysex, but i think only up to decimal 127 (7F). So your second to last command would work if it was 7F, but not F7. I used the MC6 to send a Sysex message to my Meris Polymoon to turn trails on/off. So it works like a charm if your Sysex message is btw 0 - 127 decimal.


I love the MC6 and I can't go back to another MIDI controller after using it!

Jun 27, 2018

Thank you for your response. The first question was if the MC6 merges its own programmed messages with incoming midi data. I am not familiar with SysEx messages. The Morningstar support team explained to me that F7 will be added by the MC6 automatically. So it seems that the MC6 is going to work for my setup. I can understand why you love the MC6. I wonder why it is not well known. I am just glad that I stumbled upon the MC6. I am going to place an order now.

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