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Sep 5

"Release" action triggering on initial press

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Edited: Sep 5

Hi, I love all the different types of button actions that can be assigned on the MC6. However I'm finding that fairly regularly my "release" message will be triggered at the same time as the initial press. When I actually release the switch, then nothing happens. There is no question that I'm hitting the switch firmly and accurately. I have played with the sensitivity setting but still have the issue. It doesn't seem to be specific to a particular switch. (I am on 3.3.1)

Sep 9

I’m on 3.3.2 and it works fine. I verified using a Midi monitor. The preset settings are -


Preset toggle Off

Msg1 Action:Press, Type:Control Change, CC Number:14, CC Value:127, Channel:1, Pos:1

Msg1 Action:Release, Type:Control Change, CC Number:14, CC Value:0, Channel:1, Pos:1


Msg1 is sent as soon as the switch is pressed. Wait (e.g. 2 seconds). Msg2 is sent when the switch is released.

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  • Installed the new firmware cant get midi monitor to work. Im new to all this so be nice. I downloaded and installed the new editor. I see there are 2 source files below the main download. do I need to do something with those?
  • Hi Morningstar ! My 1st post here. I have just ordered a MC6 MK II and I will need to attach a 3 Button Auxiliary Pedal with it. My local music store has one of these Digitech FS3X 3 Button Pedals in store ... my question is:- => will the Digitech FS3X 3 Button Pedal work as an external 3 button auxiliary swtich with the MC6 MK II (?) => if so, do I need to do anything special / different for the MC6 MK II to correclty recognise and use it (?) Thanks, Ben
  • Hi all, looking to purchase MC6 but first wanted to validate use case before making the full purchase, hoping anyone here has insights. The goal is to use Exp Foot Pedal to control various assigned CC on a synth. Say A set to CC for Filter and switch B set to CC for Sustain. My desire is to activate A, foot pedal to open filter, activate B and foot pedal leaves filter alone and controls Sustain. However reading manual, I am unclear: 1. With switch set for exp instead of toggle, is it correct that you still have to step on switch to begin accounting exp pedal input? 2. If A and B both set to exp pedal input, are they always both active or can one be disengaged by toggle off? Appreciate y'alls input.