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Sep 18, 2017

Setting up the MC6 for Basic Control

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Edited: Sep 18, 2017

I have 7 MIDI capable devices, and would like to set up the following functionality for them, if possible.


Have two switches that scroll through the devices (e.g. Switch A goes to the previous device and B goes to the next), have two other switches to scroll through the saved presets (C goes to the previous PC and F goes to the next), and have a button that turns the device on/off (e.g. press D to turn on, press D again to turn off).


I'm wondering if this is possible? Or is it not possible, since each device will have its own CC message for bypass/engage? Also, I want to send these messages one device at a time. That is, if I'm scrolling through PC messages on one device, I don't want all other devices scrolling through the same PC #s.


If this is possible, could someone help me figure it out? I believe I've set up switches C and F to go forward and back through saved presets (using PC Scroll Down and PC Scroll Up), but I'm not sure how to do this with devices (i.e. Midi Channels).

Sep 20, 2017

You could achieve a behavior like this... Here's how I'd set it up:


You'll need to use 7 MC6 Banks. Each of these MC6 Banks will represent a Device.


For the "Device Scroll Up/Down"

On Bank 1 set Preset A to MC6 Bank Up, set Preset B to Set Bank 7

On Bank 7 set Preset A to MC6 Bank Down, set Preset B to Set Bank 1

Banks 2-6, have Presets A / B simply Set Banks to the MC6 banks before and after them.


Which a unique bank for each device, you can now program C / F to program change that specific Device. Likewise, you can have a dedicated Preset to bypass / enable that device as well.


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