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Mar 29, 2017

TC Electronics Triple Delay


Edited: Mar 29, 2017



is it possible to control a TC Electronics Triple Delay with the MC6?


To activate e.g. preset 1 one needs to send value 0-63 on CC #12 and to deactivate value 64-127.


As far as I undetstand the MC6, this should be possible, right?


And is it possible to send value 0-63 on hitting a switch the first time and 64-127 on the second hit?


Thanks in advance!




Yes the MC6 can control the triple delay. You can program each switch on the MC6 to toggle between two CC values on each step, among many other things. You can also, for example, send value 0 on one press, and value 127 when you hold the switch down.

Mar 30, 2017Edited: Mar 30, 2017

Nice, so the MC6 will perfectly fit my needs. I will definitely order one later today!

Too bad, that you guys don't have a german distributor. Customs duties are pretty high. Why not ask the guys from

Anyway, thanks!


P.s. I am looking forward to the bypass switcher, so that I can make my El Capistan part of the presets :)

We saw your order, thanks :)


We don't have a distributor in Germany yet, but if you like our products, do let your local dealer know :) Easier for them to hear it from a customer haha!

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