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Jul 5, 2018

New MC-6/ ML5 Setup




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  • I've been working on this build for a year. Started off with a much larger, and in very poor shape, PT Pro. It was a mess. Velcro tape was coming off, pedals shifting in transit, unreliable cables and power, a true disaster. After builds and rebuilds, pedal swaps, and a whole lotta time watching Youtube vids, this is what I've settled on. Can't see it, but I have a junction box mounted on the underneath on the right for my guitar in and expression pedal in (no room on the board and I don't use it at every gig) and another box on the left for my stereo outs. All patch cables hand soldered by yours truly, first time ever soldering and only burned myself once. I'll be upgrading to those fancy-schmancy rotating head midi cables in the future (bought one to try and it's worth the extra $$). And someday I'll be swapping out my Bosstone Fuzz clone (grey box) with a Sunface or Sunlion. This has been so much fun, I've offered to put friends and students boards together for them.