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Aug 1, 2017

Bug on 2.5


I dunno if this is present on earlier versions, but I have an external two-button controller. I have my presets set to quickly control my BigSky and my Timeline.


Banks 1-3 are BigSky PCs, Banks 4-7 are Timeline PCs.


I've set button H to toggle through Banks 1-3 (incrementing the bank until it reaches 3, then going back to bank 1) on all of those banks. This allows me to tap one button to see all the pages of BigSky presets. A tap on that button on any of the Timeline banks (4-7) takes me to page 1. Button G, on banks 1-3, will take me to bank 4. I've done the same concept on the Timeline banks (4-7) except with the buttons reversed. In essence, button H allows me to scroll through pages of BigSky patches, while button G allows me to scroll through the pages of Timeline patches.


That said, I tried using MC Bank Up on banks 1 and 2. Here's the issue: if I arrive on Bank 3 and tap button H again while the bank name is still being displayed on the screen, it doesn't acknowledge that button H, on bank 3, is set to Set Bank 1, and instead, takes me to bank 4. I'm not holding down the button, but for those 500ms or so when that message is being displayed, it just fast-forwards through.


It seems as if the bank does not load fast enough (or the old bank is still unloading from memory) while you're transitioning. I had to use another workaround (using Set Bank) on all of them, which I don't like as much.


That said, is there any way (some configuration option I overlooked, perhaps?) to disable the Bank Name message (or, when blank, just displaying Bank: X)? I feel like this, while giving less feedback of where you are, would improve the speed of the bank loading.

Hi there,


That is how the MC6 is programmed. The new bank does not load until the preset names are displayed. This gives the user time to scroll through banks before loading. You can add a '#' in the first character of the bank name to disable the bank name. Do give that a go and let us know if it works for you.

Aug 2, 2017

Nice! I didn't see that in the docs anywhere, but things seem a lot more responsive now. Love it!

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  • It would be nice to be able to clear the Midi Monitor messages. I realize the messages are sequenced and time stamped but being able to clear the display would just it so much easier to see what is going on.
  • As the MC6 Editor now allows the modification of bank specific behaviour, for example changing the status of Clear Preset Toggles, it would be really useful to be able to configure a set of messages that are sent when a bank is selected. The bank entry facility would be somewhat analogous to a constructor method in object-oriented programming in that the associated commands would only be sent the once when selecting the bank. The main purpose of the facility would be to coordinate a set of actions on a device, or devices, when selecting a bank. For example, to select a preset and configure an option on one device, select a preset on another device, and so on. MSG1 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 2, Channel: 1 MSG2 - Type: Control Change, CC Number:69 , CC Value 2, Channel: 1 MSG3 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 4, Channel: 2 MSG4 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 12, Channel: 3 The desire to see this kind of facility has been expressed by a number of different people and would be not only appreciated but a powerful addition to MC6 functionality. ** If it’s the case that implementing this feature for on-device editing is difficult and cumbersome maybe it’s a facility that would reserved for configuration using the MC6 Editor. One of the main attractions of the MC6 is being able to use the editor on a computer and I don’t think most people would object to living with that being a restriction.
  • As I use the MC6 on a guitar pedalboard with a cover band, I'd like to have a bank per song, so 30 banks is not enough ! Would it be possible to have over 30 banks available, and maybe a bank limit for those who don't need so much. Thanks