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Aug 2, 2017

Persistent MIDI clock


Hi James/Morningstar


Please consider implementing a persistent MIDI clock in the MC6.


If I read this thread correctly, I hope you're looking into this for v2.6 firmware. For background information, this came about from an issue that I discovered through this thread.


Upon testing with an MC6 and a Selah Quartz v1, apparently Timeline multiplies incoming BPM with the tap sub-division. Once MC6 gets out from the tempo preset, this multiplied BPM is carried through wherever you go on the Timeline,


For example: Inputting 124BPM from MC6 to a dotted eighth preset on the Timeline will display 166BPM instead (1.333 * 124BPM - rounded up). If you subsequently go to quarter note preset for example, the preset will then clock at 166BPM instead of the intended 124BPM.




New Posts
  • It would be nice to be able to clear the Midi Monitor messages. I realize the messages are sequenced and time stamped but being able to clear the display would just it so much easier to see what is going on.
  • As the MC6 Editor now allows the modification of bank specific behaviour, for example changing the status of Clear Preset Toggles, it would be really useful to be able to configure a set of messages that are sent when a bank is selected. The bank entry facility would be somewhat analogous to a constructor method in object-oriented programming in that the associated commands would only be sent the once when selecting the bank. The main purpose of the facility would be to coordinate a set of actions on a device, or devices, when selecting a bank. For example, to select a preset and configure an option on one device, select a preset on another device, and so on. MSG1 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 2, Channel: 1 MSG2 - Type: Control Change, CC Number:69 , CC Value 2, Channel: 1 MSG3 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 4, Channel: 2 MSG4 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 12, Channel: 3 The desire to see this kind of facility has been expressed by a number of different people and would be not only appreciated but a powerful addition to MC6 functionality. ** If it’s the case that implementing this feature for on-device editing is difficult and cumbersome maybe it’s a facility that would reserved for configuration using the MC6 Editor. One of the main attractions of the MC6 is being able to use the editor on a computer and I don’t think most people would object to living with that being a restriction.
  • As I use the MC6 on a guitar pedalboard with a cover band, I'd like to have a bank per song, so 30 banks is not enough ! Would it be possible to have over 30 banks available, and maybe a bank limit for those who don't need so much. Thanks