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Feb 9

Switch A works on Bank 6 but not on Bank 2


I'm using the editor to create some Program Changes on my Eventide H9.


There's a moment when a switch stop working and doesn't send midi anymore. I've changed, name of preset, another value un PC, toggle on or off, bling on or off,... everything... but the switch doesn't send midi anymore. So next step i tried is to go to another bank and start again to see what happen. Configure a PC on switch A, and works well, star to make some changes on that switch, and theres a moment when stop working.... The last thing i tried is to make a new one on bank 6 and all switches worked fine... so i copy the whole bank via preset manager software and paste it on bank 2... and.... switch A isn't working again.... but on bank 6 it works correctly. So i don't know what is happening with this. its like its bugged and keeps in memory for some reason that this switch don't work again. But the switch is correctly doing his work because i can press A+B and do the bank down, and works ok on other banks. Its happen to me on other switches too (this is an example to show you this strange issue)



Feb 10

Could it be that the messages are in the wrong toggle position? Try changing the messages pos setting to "Both" instead of 1 or 2. Can you try going to to view the outgoing messages there? Are they not appearing as expected? Can you also send a screenshot of your settings for us to take a look at how you have set it up?

Feb 10

Hello James,

Thanks for the fast answering! I just turn my pedalboard on again and switch A is now working correctly in bank 2 when tonight wasn't. Maybe its a bug when editor mode its on or when its connected to the software editor? i also did the screenshot and it seems like sending what it suppose to send (channel 3 is my H9).


I'm going to put all to "both" instead of "1" or "2" as you said and continue doing some test to try to find the issue, ill keep you informed.


Also I'm having issues when pressing A+B or B+C to bank up or down, that it doesn't work properly even doing with my fingers and sometimes it changes to what A or B midi is sending, like i was clicking A switch one millisecond before the B and it detects that ultrafast difference when clicking both. And sometimes it doesn't do nothing, and i haver to click A+B two or three times to bank down works. (sorry for including this different issue in this post, but maybe have something in common)




Feb 10

It is unlikely a bug on editor mode or when connected to the software editor, but we'll test it again. Could you use the Preset Manager software and download your preset or bank settings and send it to us?


Regarding the banking, you can reduce the sensitivity in the Main config menu (Hold down D before powering up). In v3.3, we improved on the switching algorithm as well where you should see better performance.

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  • It would be nice to be able to clear the Midi Monitor messages. I realize the messages are sequenced and time stamped but being able to clear the display would just it so much easier to see what is going on.
  • As the MC6 Editor now allows the modification of bank specific behaviour, for example changing the status of Clear Preset Toggles, it would be really useful to be able to configure a set of messages that are sent when a bank is selected. The bank entry facility would be somewhat analogous to a constructor method in object-oriented programming in that the associated commands would only be sent the once when selecting the bank. The main purpose of the facility would be to coordinate a set of actions on a device, or devices, when selecting a bank. For example, to select a preset and configure an option on one device, select a preset on another device, and so on. MSG1 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 2, Channel: 1 MSG2 - Type: Control Change, CC Number:69 , CC Value 2, Channel: 1 MSG3 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 4, Channel: 2 MSG4 - Type: Program Change, Value: PC Number: 12, Channel: 3 The desire to see this kind of facility has been expressed by a number of different people and would be not only appreciated but a powerful addition to MC6 functionality. ** If it’s the case that implementing this feature for on-device editing is difficult and cumbersome maybe it’s a facility that would reserved for configuration using the MC6 Editor. One of the main attractions of the MC6 is being able to use the editor on a computer and I don’t think most people would object to living with that being a restriction.
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