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Tuner Support For AxeFX Added (Beta)

Updated: Feb 16

Not more than 2 weeks after we released our v2 firmware for the MC6, we have added yet another feature! In the downloads page, we have added an EDGE release for the MC6, which contains the Tuner support for the AxeFX. EDGE releases are tested to be working but not confirmed to be bug free. The new features are not documented in the manual and minimal support is given.

To use the firmware, simply upload the firmware (no reset required) into your MC6 and it's done!

This Midi Type, labeled as [EXT TUNER], uses all parameters - Number1:Value1, Number2:Value2 and Channel. Number1:Value1 is sent as a MIDI CC message, as soon as the preset is activated. The values should be set to activate the tuner function in your AxeFX. Value1 should typically be 127. Number2:Value2 is sent as a MIDI CC message when the preset is deactivated, and Value2 should typically be set to 0.

If you are an AxeFX user, do give it a try, and do give your feedbacks if any! We have already got some users using it and they love it!

Make awesome music with your controller!

The Morningstar Engineering Team

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