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MC6 Firmware v2.2 Release

Hi everyone!

Besides working on fulfilling all your orders, lots of developments has been going on since we released the v2.1 firmware for the MC6.

We are pleased to announce that the v2.2 firmware for the MC6 is now available. This update adds a number of features to your MC6. One feature we are excited about is the ability for you to control your MC6 with another external Midi Controller. A Midi Controller to control a Midi Controller? Basically, the MC6 now reads CC and PC messages and calls certain functions such as Bank Up/Down or call presets when the messages are received. For those who want to avoid pressing two switches to change banks, this function will be very useful.

If you are into DIY, this external Midi Controller is very simple to build. We will be writing a How-To blog post to provide more information on this.

You can find the rest of the v2.2 changes here.

Keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering Team




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