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Fixing a "bricked" MC6 while updating

On the rare occasion that your MC6 hangs while updating.. do not fret! Here are the steps to recover your MC6. When the device hangs, the Updater will likely not be able to detect your MC6.

Don't worry, your presets will not be lost.

1. Remove the back plate

2. While the MC6 is powered via USB, and while the Updater is open, use a conductive metal object to short the circled pins circled in Red (see photo below). In other words, use a metal object to connect the two pins together.

3. After shorting it, the Updater should detect the device.

4. Click on Upload, select the Hex file and then the uploading process should be completed.

Edit (1 Dec 2016): For newer versions of the MC6, we have added a tact switch on the circuit board. Simply press the switch to reset.

If you still encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to email us.

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