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MC6 Firmware v2.4 Release

This is our most exciting firmware release yet!

We've been working hard on a new web editor as well as the new v2.4 Firmware for the MC6.

If you are updating your firmware to this release, there are some important changes to note.

Some dual switch combinations have changed

1. Toggle Editor Mode has changed from Switch [A+D] and then [F] to Switch [D + C]

2. Bank Edit changed from Switch [C + F] to Switch [B + F]

3. Midi Thru changed from Switch [A + D] and then [C] to Switch [F + A]

New Midi Types

1. Set Bank

2. Clear Toggle

3. Set Toggle

4. Toggle Page

New Features

1. Skipping bank number displays - If you do not want your MC6 to display the bank number for a particular bank, simply use a "#" character as the first character in the bank name. The MC6 will immediately load the bank and display the presets without displaying the bank number.

2. Bank Change Lock - Press Switch B+D to toggle in and out of Bank Change Lock. This simply locks the bank to prevent accidental banking up/down when using the MC6.

New Web Editor

We have updated the Web Editor to make it more intuitive. Everything still works the same, except that now the Editor only communicates with your MC6 on its specified Midi Channel only. That means, if your MC6 is set to Midi Channel 1, the editor has to be set to Midi Channel 1 as well.

Desktop Editor

The Desktop Editor is not released yet, and this firmware will not work with the old Desktop Editor. We are awaiting for more feedback on the web editor before compiling a new desktop editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where toggle states are not saved after using the Set Bank function.

  • We made a booboo! v2.3 did not back-up Presets G-L when downloading sysex data from the Preset Manager. Please re-backup your MC6 if you make use of those presets.

For more information on the changes, head over to our Github Releases page.

As always, please feel free to send us any feedback that you may have.

Thanks and keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering Team

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