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ML5 Update

Things have been going well with the ML5 and we have been receiving great feedback.

One of the features on the ML5 (initially) was that you could toggle between your presets and bypass with a single PC message. However, it turns out that this wasn't a preferable use case for everyone as it might lead to situations like these:

Programming your midi controller to send a PC message to channel 1 (ML5 channel, for example) and another PC message to channel 2. On another preset, the PC message to channel 1 stays the same, but you want to change the preset on channel 2. This would lead to the device on channel 2 to change preset, but the ML5 would be set to bypass.

This is definitely a valid use case that we did not comprehend. We have updated the firmware to make this setting selectable by the user. All ML5s with serial number #10020 and below would be affected. As the ML5 is not updatable by the user, please drop us an email with your Order ID and ML5 serial number. We'll mail an updated micro-controller to you and you'll just need to swap the original chip out for the one (will post instructions on that soon).

As always, we are grateful for all the feedback received and for all the support given :)

Keep making awesome music!


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