• James

Line 6 HX Stomp In Depth Review

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

We now have the highly anticipated HX Stomp by Line 6 in our hands, and are really excited to be finally doing this review. For the record, this review is not sponsored and contains our unbiased opinions of the HX Stomp, which we pre-ordered and paid for in full.

This is an in depth review of the HX Stomp's build quality, features, user friendliness and its sounds. By the end of this review, you should be able to decide if the HX Stomp is a worthy investment for your needs. We hope you enjoy it.


The first thing that struck us was how small the HX Stomp really is. It is about the size of one of Strymon’s 3-switch pedals. We really like its footprint, which allows it to be a super compact all-in-one setup, or easily fit on your pedalboard to be part of a bigger rig. We also had the M9 before, but that was still heavy and bulky compared to the HX Stomp. The HX Stomp’s sparkly black glitter-painted enclosure is an interesting touch, but may not appeal to everybody. However, it is definitely subtle enough to visually appease most users.

The HX Stomp is small enough to easily join other pedals on a pedalboard


As with the rest of the Helix line, build quality is very good. Although not quite as good the original Helix, it is a step up from the LT and HX Effects. The full metal enclosure feels very solid and will surely stand up to the beatings of gigging life. The colored LCD screen has deep blacks and good contrast, giving the user a pleasant viewing experience. Its touch-sensitive capacitive foot switches also feel sturdy with no wobble and seem like they will last for a good number of years to come.


The HX Stomp has L/R Inputs, L/R Outputs (balanced or unbalanced), L/R Return/Aux In, ¼" Stereo Send, Headphones Out and USB Type B (the HX Stomp is also a multichannel high quality 24-bit/96kHz audio interface, we’ll touch more on this later). There is a ¼” Expression Pedal Input (with a split Y cable you can connect up to 2 expression pedals) that also allows you to plug in aux switches for additional footswitches.