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MC6 Production Update

Updated: Feb 16

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on the next iteration of the well-loved MC6 Midi Controller. The current controller was designed in the late 2015, and many software features have been added on since its birth. The size of the compiled code is close to out-growing the current micro-controller storage limit, and the memory-size is limiting the possibility of any further improvements we wanted to implement. Hence, we have decided to look forward and work on a new design for the MC6 (MKII).


The MKII firmware was re-designed from ground up to build in new functionalities into the core. One new feature we are excited about is that the MKII will have an event-based programming logic, where you can assign Midi messages to action events such as Press, Release, Long Press, Long Press Release, Double Tap and so on.. There will be so many possibilities you can do with one switch. With each preset containing 16 messages, 12 presets per bank, and a total of 30 banks, we are certain that the MKII can hold up against larger and more expensive controllers in the market.

The editing functions on the MKII was also completely redesigned. No longer will you have to look up what each parameter does. Each type of midi message will have a specific editing interface displayed for it, making programming on the device itself even simpler than before. The web and desktop editor will also be revamped with usability in mind.

We added a dedicated toggle name, which you can program if you want your short name to change according to your preset toggle position.


With all these software improvements, there needed to be an improvement in hardware as well. We chose a more powerful micro-controller for this, with increases in speed as well as storage space. We also increased the memory size to store more data to support the new features.

The enclosure will be built with an anodised aluminium sheet, similar to the ML5 Loop Switcher.

The size of the MKII enclosure remains the same for its length and breadth, except a couple of millimetres shorter in height. Holding both the MC6 and MC6 MKII in both hands, the MKII definitely feels less bulky and more sleek. We decided (and managed) to also squeeze in a larger 24x2 LCD such that each preset can have a 8 character short name (we'll leave the spaces between preset names to you to decide), and a 24 character full name and bank name.

Current status

We are in the final phase of testing the device and ironing out any bugs in the firmware. We will be working on getting the circuit-boards produced once the Lunar New Year holidays are over, and hoping to start assembling and putting them up for sale around the end of March. We'll have more updates in the coming weeks.

Before we end here, we would like to extend a big Thank You(!!) to everyone who have supported us by giving feedback or purchased our products. We are certain that they will continue to serve you well in the years to come.

Keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering Team


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