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Basics: Using the Morningstar Device Editor

Updated: Feb 16

Hey guys how’s it going. In today’s post we show you how to use the Morningstar Device Editor to program your MIDI controller to send the MIDI messages you need. It’s super simple and quick to use. We’ll also show you some really powerful, new features in the Editor that make our controllers such a joy to use. Let’s dive into it!

For a complete tutorial, watch the video below.

You can program your Morningstar MIDI controller on the controller itself without the editor. However, using the editor makes it much faster, easier and clearer when programming your MIDI controller. The same editor works for all Morningstar MIDI controllers, so today’s video applies to all Morningstar users regardless of which MIDI controller you own.

To use the Morningstar Device Editor you will need a Morningstar MIDI controller, a USB cable (which is included in the box) and a computer. Make sure that your MIDI controller is updated to the latest firmware to enjoy all the newest features in the editor. If you are not sure how to update your device firmware, click here to learn how.

There are 2 ways you can access the Morningstar Device Editor. The first way is through your Chrome web browser. This is our recommended method, because the web version is always the first to receive new updates and features. Simply connect your Morningstar MIDI controller to your computer via USB and launch your Chrome web browser. Remember, this only works with Chrome as it is the only web browser that natively supports MIDI at the moment.

Access the Device Editor from the Morningstar website under the support tab. You can bookmark the editor for quicker access in future too. Once you are on the editor page, click on the top left button in the corner to connect your device. Your Morningstar device model will show up on the screen.

For the complete tutorial and explanation, watch the video above. Cheers and keep making awesome music!


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