• James

Make your own 3.5mm TRS to DIN5 MIDI cable

Updated: Feb 16

3.5mm or 6.35mm TRS MIDI is getting more popular, evident in many MIDI devices from Chase Bliss, Meris and Morningstar (The MC3 MIDI Controller has 4 3.5mm MIDI Outs, and the MC8 has 4 6.35mm MIDI Outs).

Getting a custom DIN5 to TRS cable might be expensive. In this article, I will show you how to make your own DIN5 MIDI to TRS cable.

I bought some cheap DIN5 MIDI Cables from Tayda Electronics, along with some 3.5mm TRS plugs. I would't recommend the TRS plugs from there though. The metal feels flimsy and soft. There are definitely some better quality TRS plugs out there, but I'll just use this as an example.

Firstly, cut the MIDI cable in half. We can make 2 DIN5 to TRS cables with this.

Next, strip the wire to expose the coloured cables inside.

There are 5 pins on the DIN5 plug, and hence 5 coloured cables. We need to determine which colour connects to Pins 4 and 5 on the DIN5 plug.

According to the MIDI standard, Pin 5 carries the MIDI Data, while Pin 4 carries power. If you are planning to control devices with alternate wiring standards (Chase Bliss takes Data on Ring, and Tip is left unconnected, while Meris takes Data on Tip). For this example, we'll wire it according the MIDI standard.