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ML5 Loop Switcher

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It's time for analog to join the party. The ML5 MIDI-controlled audio loop switcher allows you to control your non-MIDI-capable pedals via MIDI. Connect it to your Morningstar or any other MIDI controller that can send Program Change or Control Change messages, and you are good to go. Quick and intuitive to use, you will be able to control both your MIDI-capable and non-MIDI-capable pedals with a single press. This effectively allows you to engage or bypass your non-MIDI pedals within each of your MIDI presets.


5 True Bypass audio loops

Studio quality Amphenol audio jacks

Clickable LED switches - Decide which loops are engaged/bypassed in each preset

Loop-assignable noiseless switching function

MIDI In/Thru

Compatible with Any MIDI Controller

PC messages call up pre-programmed loop combinations

CC messages toggle individual loops on/off


Power requirements: 160mA at 9V

Dimensions: W 165mm x D 60mm x H 54mm

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